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2016 Commercial Pavement Striping from Industrial Commercial Striping

The 2016 striping season is upon us, do you have a commercial project that you need professional help with? Contact IC Striping at 877-361-4400. Stay connected with IC Striping through our social media accounts:  Facebook Fan Page / Twitter Feed / Google+ Account / LinkedIn

Why You Need Proper Striping This Spring

The winter season may have wreaked havoc on your establishment’s parking lots and open spaces, leaving you with disorderly surroundings, cracked pavements and faded paint. This unkempt look is bad for your business because the amount of care you put in your surroundings is a reflection of the care you put in your own product or service. Give customers the right impression by starting on a new striping project this spring!

What You May Not Know About Parking Lot Striping

Parking lots are easily and commonly taken for granted. After all, they’re just flat stretches of concrete found all over any city, right? Little do most people know, however, just how much planning and effort goes into these parking lots. How well a parking lot is designed and executed also has far reaching consequences ranging from people’s safety and convenience, to the establishment’s accessibility and aesthetics.

Our New Blog Is Live – Come Be Social With Us!

Industrial Commercial Striping is pleased to announce the launch of our new blog. We will be providing the most current and relevant striping and signage information available on-line. Hiring a company to stripe your new commercial projects can be a confusing endeavor. We will answer all your questions and make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.